Q&A with HE alumni Lewis Kaye

Are you interested in studying Sport at university level? Alumni student Lewis Kaye started his journey with us as a Level 3 Sport and Exercise Sciences student before continuing on our degree pathway. Lewis has just completed our Physical Education and Health BA (Hons) Top-Up achieving a First-Class Honours degree. We spoke to Lewis about his experiences on the course and why he recommends studying HE Sport with us!

What did you enjoy about your time a Barnsley College Higher Education?

“The study environment is settling and comforting. Tutors make you feel valued, support is provided and it is an all-round open environment with debates and discussion encouraged. Within the first two years I had developed more academically than in any other educational setting. The continued support and belief from my tutors helped to build my confidence immensely. During my time at Barnsley College, the tutors were invested in my success and progression. My initial target at the start of studying was a 2:2, but after the first year my tutors encouraged me to aim higher for a 2:1. However, I finished with a First, something I never dreamed I was capable of. I am proud of the work I put in and I am thankful to all the Higher Education staff from the tutors to study skills staff who take pride and joy in developing students like myself. Their motivation and desire helped many of us exceed our own expectations.”

What skills and experience did you pick up on the course?

“Independence is something I developed significantly, many lectures were designed to incorporate individual research. Activities were based around problem solving such as researching key issues and finding sustainable initiatives in order to combat issues. These activities were introduced from the first year, so when the crucial third year arrived we were all confident in researching evidence in order to conclude assignments with professional support. I also developed my team-working skills. Many activities and assignments were designed to encourage team-work and cohesion. Due to the intimate nature of the classroom, new study relationships were developed which led myself and others to step out of their comfort zones and work in new groups. The ability to work with different people is a key skill to have. The communications skills I developed during my degree have been vital when moving into employment.”

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