Higher Education Sport embraces the use of technology

A survey conducted by Sport England showed that activities such as booking a holiday or ordering a takeaway are considered easier to access online than sport.

As a result, Sport England have called upon those in the physical activity sector to embrace technology and make it easier for people to get active.

Our Higher Education (HE) sport provision has recognised the importance of highlighting the positive benefits technology can bring to sport with the introduction of a new module.

The module, Exercise, Health and Technology, is part of our BSc (Hons) Physical Activity, Health and Exercise course.

The aim of the module is for students to examine historical developments of technology and develop an understanding of the technological developments within physical activity.

Dan Connolly, Barnsley College HE Sport Pathway Leader, said: “We are thrilled to be able to offer a module that embraces the link between technology and sport.

“This module gives students the opportunity to debate the potential of various technologies of reaching exercise and health audiences in contemporary society, whilst formulating ideas for new innovations.”




Technology has made huge strides over recent years, now Sport England are keen to use new technological developments to increase and promote physical activity (picture credit – http://www.businessinsider.com)

As part of their effort to encourage people to embrace technology in physical activity, Sport England have awarded an extra £1.5 million of national lottery funding to the Open Data Institute (ODI).

The ODI offers training, research and advice for organisations looking to use open data for positive change.

Andy Higham, Barnsley College HE Teaching Associate, said: “The leading organisation responsible for grassroots sport in the UK has identified the need for technology to be embedded within the physical activity sector.

“Therefore education must follow in their steps and advocate such innovation in programme design and delivery.”

To find out more about the course: https://universitycampus.barnsley.ac.uk/course/sport-physical-activity-health-and-exercise-bsc-hons-top-up/

Read the original article from Sport England: https://www.sportengland.org/news-and-features/news/2019/april/30/leaders-call-on-sport-and-physical-activity-sector-to-embrace-digital-revolution/

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